13 Inch Gel Comfort Hybrid Pocket Spring Mattress

CMS 0070917
  • 1.2-inch polyurethane foam
  • 0.2-inch gel viscoelastic foam
  • 1.4-inch polyurethane foam
  • 3.0-inch pocket spring
  • 7.1-inch pocket spring
Sample for quality test is welcome
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Technical Details
Width (inch) 38.1952.7660.2475.9872.05
Length (inch) 74.0274.0279.9279.9283.86
Height (inch)
Package Size (cm) 104*38*38100*40*40107*42*42107*46*46107*44*44
(40HQ) Loading Qty. 462350330330330
(40HQ) Roll in Box Compressed and sealed in a PE bag, roll packed in a carton box
Terms of shipment EXW, FOB, CIF, DDP
MOQ One 40 HQ Container
Composition: Fabric

1.2″ Foam, 1.25 lb, 10 ILD

0.2″ Gel Viscoelastic, 3 lb, 09 ILD

1.4″ Foam, 1.5 lb, 20 ILD

3.0″ Pocket Spring, 17 gauge,  without border wire

Isolated Pad

7.1″ Pocket Spring, 14 gauge, without border wire

Isolated Pad

Nonwoven Fabric

* US Standard Size
Customization Availability Details
  • Private label available
  • Fire resistant & retardant solution available
  • Customizable individual layer for this model
  • Customizable mattress sizes for different countries
  • More choices for mattress cover fabric
  • Mattress side handles available upon request
  • Mattress box with wheels available upon request