China Mattress

The World's Largest Mattress Factory in China,
the strongest Compress, Fold and Roll technology company.

Annual Capacity is 5 million pieces, outperforming industry associates, making us one of the world's largest manufacturers of foam and spring mattresses, and leading mattress factory in Asia.

We have 2 factories in China.

Changzhou factory: 30 acre of land, 1,000,000 sqft of building. We spent 60,000,000USD to buy the most advanced machines all over the world. We produce reticulation fast dry foam (open cell foam), hydrophilic cooling foam, synthetic latex foam, HR form, gel memory foam, PU foam. Density from 0.75LB to 7.5LB.

Nantong factory: 10 acre of land, 320,000 sqft of building. One of the biggest pillow factories in China. We have more than 30 robot arms for all different kind of pillows.

5,000,000 Pieces of mattress Annual Capacity



Over 55 specialized foam formulas available for matching any specifications of density/weight, elasticity and rebound, CMattress foams are poured under tightly controlled temperature and humidity, digitally cut, fully cured, and independently laboratory tested for quality and safety.


All types of spring including bonnell springs, pocket springs, microcoils are made in-house with a selection of assembly machines sourced globally.Any models can be manufactured based on requested model configuration.


Mattress first passes through a veil of poly film as its protective wrap ready for tight compression and seal off.


As the mattress continues to the folding portion, robotic arms flip one side over,folding it completely in half.


Finally the matterss rolled through a machine creating a tightly wrapped,compressed roll , This way matterss of all size can be fit into boxes and bags while preserves the integrity of the matterss and its cover.


Perform over 50 tests, including volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions to deliver perfect, scentless materials. Flammability, Firmness Retention and Surface Deformation, Durability, Impact Test, Density, Indentation Force Deflection, Constant Deflection Compression Set Test, Tensile Test, Tear Test. All in-house lab test results are duplicated and verified by an independent third party.


2 Warehouses located in West Coast and East Coast, delivery within 7 days at an economical shipping cost

Offers logistics management service, such as Real-Time Tracking and Package Content Preview.

XML-based APIs available for tighter integration with existing system, makes shipping faster, more reliable and easier.

Customized fulfillment solutions fit any business model.


2,000,000 m2 storage space.

Automated, climate control storage environment for quality control at every step.

Can use customer's preferred carrier or connect with other parties upon request.

Customized fulfillment solutions fit any business model.